What can CBS do?

  • CBS is a complete software package which enables groups of conference centers to control the process of inquiring member centers about availability for any conference.

    CBS consists of several modules:

    Call center application (for initiating availability requests and inquiries) Web-application (that allows end customers to initiate inquiries online) API for integrating the database to websites SMS module for alerting conference centers of waiting inquiries

    CBS manages the whole process of receiving inquiries from customers to billing conference centers. Every step of the booking process is built into CBS in an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

    The system is build around a business model that supports:

    Several conference centers (independently owned and operated if necessary) Several call centers to fulfill customer needs eBusiness based strategies, with support for full integration into all applicable external applications Real-time communications between conference centers, call centers and customers
  • The key-features are:

    Windows realtime client for conferencecenters to view and answer inquiries and manage availability Full-service realtime web-client available for customers Webclient and SMS available for conferencecenters Standard module for "track-and-trace" of inquiries available Customer relationship management interface with total control of customer accounts.

    Open architecture, that allows for integration with:

    • Internet web-applications and homepages

    • Intra- and extranets

    • ERP-systems

    Secure communications (128-bit SSL/TLS) between all parties. Client certificates are optional. Real-time communications through several connection types. All dedicated TCP/IP connections with fixed IP-addresses are supported, as well as NAT connections and firewall-mediated connections. Comprehensive reporting including: more than 30 predefined reports available in realtime for any conference center - including referred inquiries and turnover (per center), received inquiries and turnover (per center), response time on inquiries (per center) and many more.

    The process as supported by CBS is:

    Receiving of an customer inquiry (through telephone, web or mediated by a conference center) Automatic or manual selection of applicable conference centers that will be inquired about availability Response is received from each inquired conference center Case is either placed on a conference center or cancelled Extensive reporting on each conference center as well as overall performance and decision support reporting
  • CBS - Services


    Info-Connect A/S can install the system as a part of delivering the system. Installation can be done in cooperation with a local IT-department or with external consultants. Installation on hotels and conference centers can also be done using our quick-setup guides.

    Installation on call centers is a bit more complex and requires interaction between several servers and the software. Installation by Info-Connect A/S on call centers is mandatory.


    Info-Connect A/S can offer to host the critical distribution application and databases. The distribution application requires a high availability setup. This enables all conference centers to access the resources 24 hours per day. Info-Connect A/S runs a data center as part of our operations and therefore can provide 24 hour support and surveillance of the CBS application. We have redundant internet-connections, physical access control, video surveillance and can secure uninterupted power supply through our data center.


    Please contact: Rasmus Teilmann or Kenneth Ingemann Larsen at or +45 70209250 with any question you might have!


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